Cattern 1515 ROS powered Rover

With just a few small printed parts, some 15x15 MakerBeam XL extrusions, you can convert an inexpensive tank chassis into a modular ROS powered rover. The 15x15 extrusions let you slide in 3mm hex nuts anywhere you want to attach a sensor.


Cattern 1515

Choose a SBC! Jetson, Rpi, or Arduino

Feather form factor supported

Stiff 15x15 camera neck

Slide in 3mm hex nuts

Choose a camera option

Put sonar anywhere you want

Frame adapters on 15x15 frame

Frame mounted to tank chassis

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Cable Keeper

Camera Base / Pivot

Universal Camera Mount

Column Mount

Feather Beam

Front Frame Adapter

Rear Frame Adapter

Rpi Camera Holder

Rpi Camera Hood

Rpi or Jetson Beam

Sonar Holder Cap

Sonar Holder

USB Cable Keeper