Cattern Rover v1.0 Basic and some universal parts.

A remote controlled rover built on a chinese made SN400 tank chassis. With the 3d printed frame from this project you can have computer ready base with 3mm holes every 20mm.


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

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Body Mounting Angle 60mm

Body Mounting Angle 100mm

Body Mounting Angle 120mm

Frame with battery cavity

Battery Hanger Bar

Battery Keeper / Sliding Bar

Body Plain x 60mm

Camera Face And Hood

Rpi Camera Holder

End Body Mounting Angle x 70mm

End Body Mounting Angle x 90mm

Motor Area Platform For Feather

Frame For Motor End

Frame With Universal SBC Holes

Raspberry Pi Module A+ and B+

Camera Neck With S90 Servo

Frame Splicing Channel